Snowball Fight

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Have you ever had the pleasure of a real snowball fight? If not, then you should definitely give this icebreaker game a go.

Give everyone in your group a white sheet of A5 paper and a pen or a pencil. They then have to write 3 interesting facts about themselves on this piece of paper. They DO NOT write their names. Everybody scrunches up their pieces of paper and then…

The snowball fight commences!

Pieces of paper are thrown at each other for 1 minute. No one is allowed to throw at faces or within 3 metres of anyone else.

After the minute is up, everyone stops and picks up a piece of paper. One at a time, people read out the facts and then have to try and guess who’s piece of paper this is.

Do note that if you have a larger group (>10) that this game could take a long time.


  • A6 paper
  • Pens/pencils

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